Warehouse automation for
e-Commerce industry

Warehouse automation solutions

Automated warehouses for the
e-Commerce industry

We offer everything you need for an optimal and safe working environment. Automatic machines are the modern process optimization solution. Our systems will help you save time and reduce costs.

1. Picking automation

Batch picking and sorting systems used in the past are often not the right solution for today’s e-commerce needs. Many of these customers are now opting for more agile solutions, such as shuttle systems.

2. Barcode labels and scan automation

Accurate documentation of items and inventory records is essential for any well-functioning warehouse. A barcode data collection system can help companies avoid processing errors and incorrect shipments, enabling perfect data capture. High quality data can then be used to reduce costs and make operations more efficient.

3. Automatically guided vehicles (AGV)

Warehouses deal with a large number of products and there are almost as many ways in which they can be handled. Forklifts and pallets are, of course, a familiar sight in any warehouse, and self-guided forklifts and pallets, otherwise known as AGVs, are also quite common. These self-propelled (AGV) vehicles offer a cost-effective, efficient and reliable solution that will reduce the labor shortage faced by many warehousing, production and distribution operations. Like a mobile robot, AGVs track markings or wires on the floor or use vision or lasers to navigate a unit.

4. Inventory automation

Automated inventory management is how most modern retailers (both e-commerce and otherwise) track and organize stock, supplies, and sales. An automated system allows retailers to manage inventory in real-time, and make business-critical decisions in a timely fashion.


Creșteți eficiența

Operational efficiency is 3-4 times higher

Increases storage density

Storage density increases between 30% and 80%

Customized systems

It can be configured for a wide range of applications

Fast ROI

Significantly shortens the payback period

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