Warehouse Automation for Health & Pharmacy

Warehouse automation solutions

Automated warehouses for the pharmaceutical industry

Eurofit Pharmaceutical Warehouse Automation Solutions enable pharmaceutical companies to comply with government regulations and industry best practices.

1. Efficient space management

Intelligent warehouse automation solutions result in profitable and efficient use of storage space through higher storage capacity per cubic meter in the warehouse, while allowing dynamic inventory organization and high picking accuracy.

2. Manage FIFO, LIFO, etc.

The pharmaceutical industry, which is subject to strict regulations on drug codes, expiry dates and fluctuations in the shelf life of chemicals, can benefit greatly from smart automation that ensures traceability and compliance.

3. Cold storage automation

Storage of medicines, vaccines, etc. in a highly temperature-controlled warehouse there are a multitude of operational constraints, such as restricted movements in the area and higher operating fees, which makes it a good argument for mandatory automation.

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Increase efficiency

Operational efficiency is 3-4 times higher

Increases storage density

Storage density increases between 30% and 80%

Customized systems

It can be configured for a wide range of applications

Fast ROI

Significantly shortens the payback period

Automation systems

Systems compatible with pharmaceutical industry warehouses
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