3D Pallet Shuttle

Automated Pallet Storage Solutions - Optimise your storage through the power of automation

3D Pallet Shuttle

The system organises and optimises your warehouse so you don’t have to, integrating with your ERP systems and processing lines to accept pallets with no manual intervention.

Automation provides solutions to a number of challenges faced by today’s warehousing and storage professionals. Created and championed by the industry’s top talent in software development and mechan- ical engineering, our system offers both redundancy and scalability. We harness automation to remove overheads from the storage environment, reducing heat loss, labour costs and overheads whilst transform- ing the productivity and efficiency at the heart of your business.

Greater Storage Capacity

Faster Order Processing

Automated High-Density Storage

Eurofit is proud to provide our customers with automated, high-density storage systems that work – it’s what we do. From manufacturing facilities and cold storage environments through to automotive businesses and logistics & distribution, our intelligent system uses the power of data to transform our clients’ warehousing operations. Here at Moffett, we can take care of your storage while you take care of your business.


  • High Density
  • Reduced Handling
  • Safe Pallet Handing
  • Reduced Workforce
  • Time Efficient

Racking Storage:

  • Multi-Storey Storage
  • Built to Requirements
  • Optimise Storage
  • Safe Pallet Handing

System Design:

  • Conveyor In-Feed
  • Outbound
  • Picking Tunnel
  • HMI Interface
  • Shuttle
  • Vertical Transfer


  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Support

Specification Details:

• 1500kg lifting capacity
• 80/100ah lithium battery
• PMAC Electric Drive
• Hydraulic Lifting (food grade oil) • Wifi communication
• 1.2m per second travel speed
• Onboard PC
• Wireless


  • Pallet

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