Parcel - envelopes - courier sorter

Intelligent · Efficient · More flexible · Energy saving · Customizable

The product has wide applications

Parcels can be various sizes; sorting volume can be accommodated; applications covers industries
such as e-commerce, retail chains, express parcels, clothing, shoes, hats, etc. (include industries with
large SKUs)

Parcel sorting robots + Scan & weighing system + Intelligent battery charging system + Automatically control system
Solution Provider of intelligent sorting robot, and commitment of building a complete and resilient
automated logistics system

More flexible

• Modular design
• Super expandability

1 ~ 8 weeks

• Rapid deployment
• Reduced time costs

2-3 times

• Vs. manual sorting
• Great efficiency


• High accuracy
• High stability

ROI: 1-2 years

• Short investment
return period,High
investment effiexibility

Sorting solutions

3D sorting solutions

3D vertical sorter easy process for large sortation volume

Application Scenarios:

Large wave order sorting for scenarios such as shoes & garments, e-commerce, and sales return, etc.

It consists of several parts, including the table platform (fixed system), 3D sorting robot (fixed system), robot sorting system (core system), and conveying system. The system is highly flexible and can increase or decrease robots as needed, allowing the layout of more sorting chutes, which can cope with very high traffic sorting demands.

T-sort sorting solutions

Flexible sorting solutions, no worries about space limitation

Application Scenarios:

Garments, retail, express delivery, fresh food (cold storage), jewelry, books and other industries involving warehouse sorting or picking centers. Suitable for order picking, parcel sorting, and other related scenarios.

According to the parcel sorting and order picking requirements, the system can increase or decrease the number of robots and chutes as needed. With more flexible and flexible expandability, there are no concerns about site constraints, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Steel platform sorting solutions

Intelligent sorting, precise, efficient, and highly cost-effective

Application Scenarios:

It can be applied to large sorting or picking centers in express, supermarket, clothing, e-commerce and other industries, suitable for parcel and express sorting, commodity sorting and other scenarios.

Composed of a steel platform (fixed system), robot sorting system (core system), collecting pack system, and conveying system. The system is highly flexible, and robots can be increased or decreased according to demand. With relatively few robots and sorting chutes, it can satisfy sorting demands with a very large flow.


Postal & Courier
Shoes & Garments

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