Sorter Solution Platform


Sorters are needed at various points in intralogistics, such as in the goods receiving, picking and shipping areas. With the Interroll Sorter Solution Platform, Interroll offers a full range of proven solutions for reliable and cost-effective sorting of unit loads such as cartons, parcels, packaged food, etc. In response to the increased global demand for fast sorting technology and the growing variety of goods, Interroll complete- ly innovated and extended their sortation portfolio.

Mechanical Sortation Principal

The crossbelt carrier run on polyurethane coated wheels in aluminium profiles (linear sorter) or on steel tubes (horizontal sorter) and are pulled by a rubber block chain belt.

Once a crossbelt carrier reaches its intended destination, a pneumatically actuated plate makes contact with a drive wheel mounted underneath the chassis of the crossbelt carrier. In this way, the motion of the carrier is converted into driving the crossbelt, bringing the goods gently to their desired destination.


• Mechanical robustness
• Low maintenance
• Costs and time savings when servicing • High efficiency
• Energy savings



  • Apparel

  • Bin

  • Box

  • Envelope

  • Plastic bag

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