Pallets, box pallets and plastic containers

They are made exclusively of pure, high quality materials and are injection molded in one piece


  • Much longer life than wooden pallets
  • Made of ECO materials
  • Economically efficient
  • Minimal damage
  • Automatic Conveyor Compatibility
  • Resistant to both high and very low temperatures


Metallurgical industry

Automotive components industry

Meat industry

Food industry

Wood processing industry


All pallets are tested according to ISO 8611 and internal criteria.

  • Visually
  • Size, weight and performance
  • Fall on the corner from a height of 4m at different temperatures
  • Forklift impact resistance
  • Bending strength at 48 and 100 hours
  • Testing on a conveyor with a load of 1000 kg over a distance of 60 km.
  • Dimensional stability at thermal shocks
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