Stacker Crane

Stacker Crane

Equipment designed for automatic storage of materials. It moves in the warehouse along the corridors where it enters, positions and extracts materials. Forklifts are guided by a management software (WMS) system, which coordinates all activities.

Great space utilization, great dynamics, suitable for many industries: from automotive to frozen foods.
The MONO and MULTI rail-guided storage and retrieval machines are available in single- and twin-mast versions. The choice of an optimum SRM depends on the unit loads and the requirements. Therefore, a bespoke solution is developed for every type of load. The variable design is particularly advantageous for heavy loads.

Storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) play a key role when it comes to efficiency and performance in high bay or small-parts warehouses. Therefore, in order to meet the highest demands, SRMs must be reliable, long-lasting, fast, precise, safe and energy-efficient.
Another benefit of the high-quality parts and components is their excellent ease of servicing.


Food Industry


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