Success is never a matter of luck, it is the result of consistent work.

The key to Eurofit's success is a fundamental principle to which it has been loyal since its inception - end customer satisfaction is always relevant and dependent on the optimal value for money.

EUROFIT is present in Romania through three distinct departments:

Warehouse automation

We are your partner for the equipment and automation of warehouses. We supply complete storage systems, conveyor systems, sorting, goods-to-person and AS / RS.

Integrated solutions for equipping warehouses

We provide storage solutions designed to provide security and very good accessibility your products, the main advantages being a much better management of the goods and an efficiency of the logistic process.

Shop equipment and furniture

We fully utilize your commercial space, regardless of its complexity, with professional equipment of the highest quality, putting in the first place the care for the presentation and organization of your products, making the sales process as efficient as possible.

In a constant evolution and innovation.
It is very important for the company to keep up with new innovative technologies. Eurofit is equipped with a state-of-the-art ERP system that improves sales efficiency and information and product management.

Eurofit has 36 employees, each a specialist in its field of activity. The company believes that its evolution is closely linked to the parallel development of the team and therefore invests continuously in the professional development of employees.

The evolution of the company and the high growth rate of the last years prove that the modern organizational structures of the company are able to successfully follow the continuous changes of the market and to ensure the growth in the future as well.

(EUROFIT® and DIY® are registered trademarks)

The company's offices and warehouses inside Olympian East Bucharest Park
The company's offices and 3500 sq m warehouse are located in Popești-Leordeni, Ilfov, inside Olympian East Bucharest Park.

The location of the offices next to the warehouse ensures flexibility and rigorous control throughout the supply and sales process. In this way we are absolutely sure that the service for our customers is done in the shortest possible time and at the highest quality standards.

Who trusted us

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