Sorter Cross Belt

Sorter Cross Belt

The CrossBelt sorter is the key to success for high sorting speed. AVAILABILITY, FLEXIBILITY, ACCURACY – CrossBelt Sorter is energetically suitable for applications and industries where item size and weight play a central role. Items of up to 50 kg are sorted, for example: cardboard boxes, packages, small packages, packaged food, catalog products, envelopes, multimedia products, clothing, etc.

Up 50kg

Weight up to 50kg


Raised side walls


Up to 20,000 products / hour

cross belt sorter


  • Longer belt straps for large and heavy materials
  • Quick download of heavy objects
  • Powered by rubber straps
  • Easy, cost-effective maintenance
  • Quiet operation even at full load


  • Apparel

  • Bin

  • Box

  • Car tire

  • Envelope

  • Plastic bag

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