Roller conveyors are the most versatile and durable systems available

Roller conveyor automation solutions

Our next-generation modular system is the most versatile and sustainable solution available, ensuring the highest availability and scalability for the future growth of your warehouse.

Today, more and more customers are requesting smaller and more frequent shipments. Instead of pallets full of goods, they only ask for a few cases, possibly in a “store-ready” format, to reduce the in-store workforce for replenishing the shelf.

This trend towards just-in-time (JIT) practices is further accelerated by the booming e-commerce sector, with steady double-digit growth rates around the world. Companies need to deliver large volumes of small orders and cope with major variations in the order flow. In addition, large quantities of returned goods must be handled.


Modules for the roller conveyor system

With the roller conveyor system, whose modules are interchangeable and can be combined with each other, all common materials can be transported reliably.

Roller conveyors have the following types of modules

  • Straight motorized roller conveyor module
  • Curved roller conveyor module, motorized
  • Straight roller conveyor mode, gravitational
  • Curved roller conveyor mode, gravitational
  • Motorized alignment conveyor module
  • Conveyor node for connection to main conveyor
  • Deviation module from one conveyor to another


  • Bin

  • Box

  • Car tire

  • Pallet

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