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CLICK & COLLECT integrated system with indoor and outdoor smart lockers.

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The Ideal Solution

Responding to the modern needs for fast deliveries of products of the retail sector, Eurofit, as the exclusive representative of Parcel Hive for Romania, Greece and Cyprus, presents the integrated system Click & Collect for companies that want to deliver their products quickly, efficiently and non-stop (365 days a year).


  • Possibility of delivery according to customer requirements;
  • First 100% effective delivery (APM) index;
  • Increase sales;
  • Non-stop availability;
  • Reduce customer service calls for delivery information;
  • Significant reduction in returns due to unsuccessful deliveries.
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How does it work?

Receiving the order is done in 4 simple steps:
  • 1

    Delivery via Click & Collect

    Order the desired product online from any partner company that offers the Click & Collect option.

  • 2

    Lift point selection

    Select the nearest ParcelHive collection point to receive your order.

  • 3

    Receive unique delivery code

    You will receive a unique sms & email delivery code on your smartphone.

  • 4

    Lifting the package using the code

    With the code received, go to the ParcelHive point you selected and pick up the order whenever you want.

Key features

  • Parcel Hive is aimed primarily at e-commerce customers.
  • The service is the ideal solution for consumers who can’t or don’t want to adjust their schedule to wait for the order to be delivered to the address.
  • In addition to the classic address delivery system, customers can select from a interactive map a delivery point to one of the smart lockers in Parcel Hive.
  • The courier picks up the products from the selling company and delivers them to the smart locker point selected on the map by the customer.
  • Upon arrival of products ordered by smart lockers, the customer will receive a notification by sms or email with the PIN code and information about lifting the order.
  • The customer can pick up the order by typing in the PIN code they received via SMS or email on the touch screen of the smart lockers lockers.
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No delays in delivering orders.

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Stop queues when handing orders.

The ParcelHive cabinet can be installed indoors or outdoors, is equipped with a special metal coating, resistant to weather conditions and vandalism and is equipped with a monitoring system. The cabinet can be configured in a wide variety of positions and components, depending on the needs of each company, and its software, through Cloud technology, offers full control over the cabinets, wherever they are.

The product is addressed to companies in the fields: retail (retail), courier, offices, factories, hospitals, sports fields, gyms, universities, public catering, etc. who need smart lockers with smart screens and ordering systems.

Dimensions & Flexibility

ParcelHive can be configured in a wide variety of positions and components, depending on the needs of each company.
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