ACR (Autonomous Case-handling Robot)

State-of-the-art warehouse automation with autonomous robotic goods handling system.

Flexible implementation and efficiency to maximize storage space

Built with a multitude of sensors capable of integrated positioning, HAIPICK robots boast good control accuracy of ± 3mm to allow intelligent lifting, transport, automatic navigation, obstacle avoidance and automatic loading with high stability and accuracy.
HAIPICK robots can lift and place crates or cardboard boxes on storage shelves up to 8 meters high and can carry up to 8 loads at a time to feed continuous picking stations with goods. The latest invention of a forklift robot is compatible with larger storage scenarios, in which goods are not necessarily placed in a box or crate, such as tires and trays.

The HAIPICK robot

Characterized by its high stability and high accuracy, the robot can replace repetitive, time-consuming and difficult-to-store and manually-handled activities, making efficient and intelligent ``Goods-to-person`` picking, significantly improving warehouse density and operational efficiency.

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Increased storage by at least 80%

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Operational efficiency increased 3-4 times


Eurofit offers customized solutions for workstations, including robot picking station, conveyor station, shelf picking and HAIPORT picking station, adaptable to different business scenarios.

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Tailored to your needs

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Faster and more accurate

Storage units

HAI ROBOTICS offers custom storage units, including boxes and crates of various sizes. They are easy to build, transform and upgrade, providing a more efficient and flexible warehouse automation management experience.

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Each robot has a capacity of 8 seats simultaneously.

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Compatible with crates and boxes of different sizes

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