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An automated storage and retrieval system or AS/RS is a system whose operations have been optimized due to the installation of robots and automated systems that perform operations related to the reception, storage, lifting and dispatch of goods.

These systems can come in a variety of forms and with different functions, as distinct levels of warehouse automation can be implemented.

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We offer customized solutions of warehouse according to customer requirements

Our company offers customized solutions based on customer requirements for warehouse automation and applications in different scenarios .
Warehouse automation is the process of automating the movement of stocks inside and outside warehouses to customers with minimal human assistance.


The advantages of an automated warehouse

  • Cost effective
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Higher efficiency and shorter delivery times
  • Improves productivity
  • Optimizes space usage
  • Increases storage capacity in a smaller warehouse footprint
  • Provides better inventory accuracy
  • Generates a safe working environment
  • Increases accuracy in handling goods
  • Eliminates the risk of product damage
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The 3 levels of warehouse automation

  • Low level of automation :

    This automation solution is largely dependent on the workforce, with entry-level assisted picking technologies. These include tools such as portable scanners, Voice Picking, Pick-to-Light or Order Pick-ere. These technologies are suitable for companies that are in the early stages of development.

  • Average level of automation :

    It involves more efficient ways of working, such as conveyors for transport and automatic sorting equipment. The average level still requires quite a lot of allocated resources, as it is not fully automated and the human workforce is still very much needed. Even if warehouse automation solves some of the tasks of a distribution center, the completion of orders still depends on the human workforce.

  • High level of automation :

    The option to implement a high level of warehouse automation minimizes the need for human labor as much as possible and is based on robots or systems for storage and automatic recovery (stacker crane, shuttle, goods-to-person). The long-term benefits outweigh the initial expectations and efforts. Highly automated solutions are relatively permanent, but very flexible and easy to scale. While human labor is still needed on a much smaller scale, extremely demanding tasks and strenuous operations are kept to a minimum, allowing operators to provide more value-added services.

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Advanced logistics software

  • The role of logistics software is extremely important when exploring automated warehousing options, as it is a vital part of automated logistics business.Robots are working thanks to computerized control and execution systems , which connect the machine’s capacity to the unique functionalities of warehouse management systems (WMS).
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Warehouse automation solutions

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