3D Pallet Shuttle VS Stacker Crane

Stacker crane 3d pallet shuttle

When it comes to investing in one or more automated solutions, you need to clarify which Goods-to-Person system best meets your business needs and goals for long-term performance and efficiency. Whether it’s a Stacker Crane or 3D Shuttle system, both can be a good choice – but which system is better suited to your field? Deciding on the ideal solution needs careful consideration. That’s why this article aims to guide you through the process of choosing the best automation solution for your business.

Although the Stacker Crane system has well-established and proven technology, 3D Shuttle systems have also evolved in recent years. They offer a multi-shuttle solution, enabling very high production levels. On the other hand, the Stacker Crane compensates with density for storage at heights of over 40 metres.

About Stacker Crane

Stacker Crane systems are machines used for the automatic transport, loading and storage of goods using extendable forks. These automated handling equipment move horizontally and vertically along the storage aisles in a logistics facility and can fulfil any order given to them, guided by a management software system (WMS).


About 3D Pallet Shuttle

The Intelligent High-Density 3D Shuttle is a state-of-the-art pallet storage system with high density, flexibility and scalability. The system organizes and optimizes the warehouse on your behalf, integrating with existing ERP systems and processing lines to accept pallets without manual intervention.

Intelligent high density shuttle 6

Making a decision and choosing between the two automation systems is not easy. In order to reach the best result, several factors have to be taken into account, such as: the specifications of the warehouse building, the type of goods stored, production requirements, density of stored goods, limitations of available space, etc. However, prioritising storage efficiency as an initial parameter can be the basic criterion for choosing an automation solution suitable for your business needs.

Regardless of your choice, both the Stacker Crane and the Intelligent High-Density 3D Shuttle offer outstanding performance: both systems save time and manpower, improve operational safety, eliminate the need to manually lift and store pallets, improve inventory management and thus increase overall warehouse efficiency.