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Project 10.01.2022

Project details

Project date : 10.01.2022
Warehouse Rack Type : Pallet rack
Rack height : 11000/13100 MM
Frame width : 1100 MM
Loading / pallet : 800 KG / pallet
Configuration : GF + 4 levels
Installed automation equipment :
• Staker Crane pallet system with triple deep capacity (can handle pallets with a depth of 3 frames)
• Chain conveyors for In and Out areas and transfer of pallets for transport in the In and Out areas


Gold Award in the category: Efficiency and productivity in logistics

Voyatzoglou Systems – Eurofit won the gold award in the category:
Efficiency and productivity in logistics, for the construction of an automatic storage system for AS-RS pallets (with forklifts), for the new warehouse of the Chipita group in Slovakia.

Upon completion of the project, Voyatzoglou Systems – Eurofit fully contributed to:

  • Productivity and availability : The automated warehouse can run 24 hours a day with maximum efficiency;
  • Real-time inventory : Automated systems reduce errors that can occur in terms of human labor;
  • Maximize space utilization : The triple deep system ensures the maximum density that can be reached on each surface;
  • Low operating costs : Thanks to the fully automated system, it requires minimal staff and equipment.


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