WMS – warehouse automation conductor; Eurofit – your solutions provider

What is WMS?

What is WMS?

Optimising warehouse efficiency and productivity has become a must for companies in the industry. Today, such efficiency is being put into motion by advanced technologies that are transforming warehouses into truly intelligent operations centers. This is where WMS (Warehouse Management System) comes into play, a comprehensive software and solution that plays a central role in managing and optimizing a warehouse’s operations. The system provides a centralized platform to store, retrieve and monitor items within the warehouse, anytime and anywhere, both on-site and in transit, all the way through to dispatch at destination. In addition, Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) enable companies to maximize labor utilization, space and expenses by regulating and optimizing resource utilization and material flow.

More specifically, WMS systems are designed to support the needs of the entire global supply chain, including distribution, manufacturing and service companies. However, real efficiency in modern warehouses cannot be achieved by implementing a WMS alone. The secret lies in its ability to coordinate and drive a range of advanced automation solutions.

Just as a conductor masters every note and every instrument to create a harmonious symphony, WMS takes on the role of warehouse automation conductor, allowing us to come to your aid with an extensive portfolio of instruments!

Eurofit offers you a full range of automation solutions for your WMS system:


Our Goods-To-Personal (G2P) technology improves productivity, efficiency and workload by eliminating wasted travel and search time.

Stacker cranes move through the warehouse along the aisles, positioning and retrieving materials, guided by the WMS system that coordinates all activities. Stacker cranes play a key role when it comes to efficiency and performance in high or small parts warehouses, and their efficient use of space and high dynamics make them suitable for a diverse range of industries: from automotive to frozen food.

Equally suitable for high-bay warehouses is the AS/RS Mini Load system, which takes small parts storage to previously unheard-of heights (up to 27m). The compact shape of the robots results in particularly small approach dimensions, both horizontally and vertically, making them ideal for manufacturing or distribution operations.

Using robotic mechanisms to manage goods and place them in designated storage locations, ACR (Autonomous Case-handling robot) is an advanced technology used for efficient and accurate storage and retrieval of goods. In the context of delivery, the system plays a vital role in the order fulfilment process in that it ensures the correct and fast retrieval of products for shipment, thus preparing them for packing and dispatch. For picking operations, the ACR system can be integrated with the WMS system to retrieve boxes or crates and store them on shelves up to 10 metres high. Capable of transporting up to 8 loads at a time to continuously feed goods to the picking stations, this automation streamlines the picking process, reducing the time and effort required to gather the items your customers want.

For storage and handling of materials of all shapes, weights and sizes, we recommend the Vertimag system. It consists of metal trays operated by a lift and placed on opposite sides of the shelves. The flexible configuration of the system allows trays of different heights to be positioned according to the product to be stored, making it a space-efficient solution for storage and order fulfilment.

The Shuttle System is a system represented by an electric robot that automatically picks and places pallets on shelves of various depths. Although the main function of the system is to facilitate efficient storage and retrieval of goods, the Shuttle System also allows you to perform other operations such as reordering or counting products, thus optimising inventory management. For more scalability and redundancy, you can opt for our Intelligent High Density 3D Shuttle System. Combining a robotic platform and intelligent software with AI algorithms, the systems organise and streamline your warehouse, impressing with high storage density and flexibility in all conditions.

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) systems are ideal for applications including horizontal transport, storage and retrieval of materials, as well as inventory management and replenishment in support of distribution and order fulfillment. Mobile stacker robots can be used for various tasks such as receiving goods and handling raw materials, storing and delivering items to packing stations, increasing efficiency and reducing manual labor.

A-Frame is distinguished by its high level of flexibility. Although it is mainly used in pharmaceutical distribution, it is also ideal for fast order processing in other industries, consisting of small, fast-moving items such as cosmetics, tobacco and small office supplies. Thus, A-Frame is a fully automated solution for fast processing of complex orders, guaranteeing the highest possible productivity and optimal material flow, even at demanding tasks.

A conveyor system is a fast and efficient mechanical handling device for automatically transporting loads and materials from one area to another. Useful to help move bulky or heavy objects from one point to another, a conveyor system can use rollers or chain to transport objects vertically, horizontally or in a spiral. It improves operational efficiency by reducing manual labor and streamlining the movement of goods, minimizing the risk of damage.

Considered to be the most compact and fastest order handling system/m2 on the market, AutoStore is a flexible and modular robotic solution that can be adapted to the size and type of your warehouse and is easily expanded during operations when you exceed the capacity of your current warehouse system. Compared to any automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), AutoStore offers the highest density for automated warehousing, maximizing warehouse capacity and processes for storage and picking.


End-of-Line is an automated technology used at the end of the production line to ensure that products are packed and ready for delivery to retailers, wholesalers or points of sale.

The pallet inspection system is your “seat belt” when it comes to inventory safety. The system performs a thorough inspection to check the integrity of your empty wooden, plastic or metal pallets to keep your equipment and inventory safe.

To handle palletised goods, we recommend automated palletising and depalletising systems. As the name suggests, the palletizer arranges products on pallets for outbound and the depalletizer does the reverse, ideal for both storing products and preparing them for delivery. Eurofit offers a portfolio of easy-to-use, cost-effective, high-performance palletising and depalletising systems to address the complexities of distribution operations.

Together with the palletising/depalletising system, it is ideal to implement an automatic pallet wrapping system. Software guides the system to easily prepare pallets for delivery to stores, reducing the labor required to restock store shelves. The system can also be integrated with our conveyor modules for the most efficient operation. Stacker/destacker equipment can also be integrated with our conveyor systems, suitable for stacking, separating or storing standard, unloaded pallets such as euro, industrial and semi-pallets.

Using image-based industrial scanners, our advanced scanning and labelling equipment accurately decodes 1D and 2D codes, providing an industry-leading read rate. Easy configuration and modular options will help you reduce costs, optimize performance and control traceability successfully.

When it comes to sorting your goods, we offer a full range of different solutions, depending on your needs, for the most organised storage:

  • Split Tray Sorter – used for sorting light, small, flat and non-fragile items up to 12 kg;
  • Vertical Sorter – suitable for sorting products weighing up to 35Kg;
  • Cross Belt Sorter – suitable for applications and industries where size and weight of items play a central role, sorting items up to a maximum of 50kg;
  • Pouch Sorter – designed for the fashion industry, can carry and sort garments on hangers.

An ideal system for inbound and outbound logistics in warehouses or outlets is the Parcelcube™ mobile, a semi-automatic weighing and volumetric system for irregular shaped items, small items and parcels, excellent for parcel dispatch and warehouse management. Easily move and pick, then transfer the data (weight, dimensions, etc) of your products into your WMS system.

Augmented systems

Technologies such as Pick-to-light are often used to locate items for warehouse workers and to facilitate both inventory searches and storage, along with sorter solutions needed in the receiving area for reliable and cost-effective sorting of incoming goods.

Equally important, Pick-by-Light systems are technologies used in order picking processes to improve accuracy and efficiency. Pick-by-Light involves a system of lights that guide warehouse staff to the correct location of items, minimising errors and training time for new staff.

A WMS can be complex and expensive to implement and operate, but companies that take this step enjoy many lasting benefits that justify the complexity and cost. A well-designed WMS through the implementation of warehouse automation solutions helps companies reduce labor costs, improve inventory accuracy, increase flexibility and responsiveness, reduce errors in product selection and delivery, and improve long-term customer satisfaction.