Safety first: Protective measures for your commercial space

Safety first cover

One of our priorities has always been to keep the workplace safe, whether it’s in the warehouse or commercial space. We are aware of how much work safety means and what impact it has on the development of every industry.

That’s why we offer you a comprehensive guide to our safety solutions to help prevent accidents and reduce costly damage in different areas of commercial premises, such as car parks, retail areas or inside the warehouse. In this article, we will introduce you to EUROFIT‘s state-of-the-art safety solutions designed specifically to protect your customers, employees and products.

Parking safety

They say that first impressions count, even more so when it comes to a company’s image. Parking is the first step in the customer’s journey to your store, where that first impression is created. To make sure that this image is a positive one, but also a persistent one, EUROFIT is at your side with the best safety solutions specially designed for parking.

BumperSign Standard is one of the first important investments when it comes to parking safety. The system combines high-strength steel plates with industrial shock absorbers that resist vehicle impact, making it an excellent choice for your protection needs.

In its enhanced version, BumperSign Flex is the safety system that always stays in its original position. Using internal spring technology, it deflects and disperses impact energy, ensuring it always stays upright. For even greater functionality, its mobile version BumperSign Mobile, with a stable and easy-to-install ballasted base, ensures your customers are protected and can be placed anywhere you want.

Trolleys are indispensable in retail and, along with them, it becomes mandatory to create a safe storage space. Our CartPark Bumper, constructed with dual structural steel elements and patented polymer side barriers, is an exceptional balance of functionality and aesthetics, designed to last and protect both carts and car doors for years.

You can also choose to implement efficient trolley management with our CartPark Architectural shelters. This unit is designed from the sturdiest eloxed aluminum elements and uses patented, ballasted barriers. CartPark Covered features a grooved polycarbonate roof, providing added protection. This protects the trolleys from rain, snow and intense sunlight, extending their service life and reducing the need for future investment.

The crash-tested bollard is the most innovative line of protection, capable of stopping a 2267 kg vehicle travelling at up to 48 km/h. CrashCore Bollards are very easy to install, have unlimited coverage areas and keep your people safe.

Combining protection and signage solutions, CrashCore Sign is a steel bollard with signage that keeps parking lots safe and maximizes communication with your customers.

Sales space safety

The next step in customer satisfaction is the experience customers have throughout their visit to your store. EUROFIT offers you modern protective equipment that turns into design elements.

Shock-absorbing bumpers provide unparalleled safety for lighting fixtures, walls, refrigeration units, etc. The Bumpers are modular with molded ends and corners.

They can easily be cut to length and have hidden hardware for a clean look and to eliminate any pinch points. They can also be made from stainless steel for extra strength. (Bumper Stainless Steel)

The relationship between trolleys and corners in the store can often be too strong – that’s why we supply a whole line of floor-mounted corner protectors designed to deflect bumps and absorb direct impacts. With a variety of sizes and finishes, Corner Guards are not only functional, they add a touch of elegance.

Ingenious solutions like FlexCore Post 3 and Floor Rails manage to perfectly combine durability and a clean look for your store, ensuring both customer protection and a pleasant shopping environment. The FlexCore bollard, while at first glance presenting a simplistic design, is equipped with proprietary shock-absorbing technology to withstand the heaviest blows, such as from floor cleaners or pallet trucks. A more complete protection of the sales space is the Floor Rails system. The floor mounted rails are designed to deflect trolleys, they absorb bumps and diffuse direct impacts from heavy equipment.

Store's warehouse safety

Behind the sales area is the store’s warehouse, which plays a crucial role in the efficient running of the store. EUROFIT’s warehouse protection is applicable here too, with a diverse range of systems.

Systems Protector is a system of removable steel rails that keep your employees and your business safe, protecting critical equipment and preventing costly repairs.

Similar to this system is the Shock-Absorbing Box Rail, a modular, floor-mounted, shock-absorbing steel rail system. Using industrial shock-absorbing legs, it easily dissipates impacts and keeps the equipment and floor intact.

The Shock-Absorbing Rack Guards system is also famous for its shock absorption. Our guards are designed to protect your frames from damaging blows from material/goods handling equipment.

The slim, semi-round design mounts directly to the concrete floor in front of the frame – so impacts are absorbed by the guard, not the shelf.

Increased protection is required for shelving columns. Constructed of durable polyethylene, the Rack Mounted Guard has a semi-flexible body that expands to absorb impacts, and its semi-round shape opens and closes to protect almost any size upright.

Designed with patented shock-absorbing strength, the FlexCore bollard adds extra safety for your employees. The high-strength flexible bollard has a steel composite core combined with industrial elastomers, allowing it to bend, twist and absorb impacts.

Equally flexible is the SafeStop Bollard 15 which, with a proprietary blend of synthetic elastomers and high-strength steel, absorbs shocks and withstands impacts (up to 15,000 J) to keep your employees safe.

Although FlexCore can be mounted anywhere, even in front of access areas, Loading Door Protector is the best protection for loading ramp doors.

This is a 2-in-1 product that protects both door panels and door tracks. When the door is open, our guard stands upright, protecting the rails as trucks are loaded and unloaded. When the dock doors close, our guard is installed in the “down” position, protecting the door panels from carts and pallet trucks.

Whether it’s the first impression of parking security, a pleasant retail experience or protecting vital items in your store’s storage space, EUROFIT brings you innovative and aesthetically pleasing security solutions that perfectly align with your business needs. These solutions become not only a means of protection, but also a representation of your commitment to customer and employee safety.