Pallet racks for normal conditions

They are the most common form of storage system for all palletized or non-palletized loads.

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Adjustable pallet racks

Simple or back-to-back, the rows of pallets are separated by wide aisles that can be sized to fit the customer’s forklifts.

The pallet racking system is a high performance application of static capacity and storage of high weight and volume materials. It is made of galvanized steel that gives the system longevity and is certified in accordance with the standards EN 102443.1, UNI EN 15512, EN 15620 and TUV Product Service Gmbh.

Any need for pallet storage can be covered by choosing the recommended rack type, being the result of studying the loading needs, as well as the height and movement requirements of the products for each project.

The pallet system has a storage capacity of up to 30 tons per module while the height can reach up to 13.5 meters. The system offers the highest standards of safety, load capacity and functionality. The use of “Ω” profiles for the column provides increased vertical power compared to the “C” profiles used by most manufacturers.

The system allows the use of different types of forklifts depending on the needs of the customer and the specifications of the storage space:

  • Hand-operated forklifts are used in corridors of 2.40-2.60m
  • Reach-Truck forklifts are used in corridors of 2.80-3.00m
  • VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) forklifts are used in 1.70-1.80m corridors

The correct understanding of the customer’s needs regarding the specifications of the warehouse are of key importance. The experienced staff of EUROFIT has the necessary knowledge to offer the customer the ideal solution for the efficient use of the storage space, at the same time with the maximum use of capacity and productivity.

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The advantages of this shelving system

They can be mounted with narrow or larger colors, they are flexible regarding the dimensions of the forklift used. The system offers flexibility in handling pallets of different heights.

100% accessibility to individual pallets

Very easy to install and reposition

Very good occupancy rates can be achieved

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Very versatile - adjustable sleepers allow the system to be adapted to fit any size of pallet and maximize space utilization

Use of conventional forklifts - cost-effective

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