Drive-in racks

Drive-in pallet system is used where high-density storage is required.

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About Drive-in racking system

Even if it reduces the loading speed, it offers a very high storage density for a limited number of product types (one type per tunnel). This type of high-density storage, in addition to normal use, is especially recommended for refrigerated or temperature-controlled storage.

It is frequently used in factories with a low number of production lines. the pallets are stored in a block system with two pallet blocks generally served by an operating corridor.

The truck enters the racking system to load or pick up pallets, which are stored by the guide rail. The first pallet entered is the last exit, only if the system is not used as a drive-throught, in which case the pallets can be loaded or picked up from anywhere.

Drive-In racking system features:

  • High density storage – maximizing the cubic space – economical, in terms of the number of pallets stored per cubic meter, compared to other storage systems;
  • Low stock turnover rate – suitable for seasonal and fluctuating demand products;
  • Ideal for temperature controlled and refrigerated storage;
  • Suitable for fragile or easily damaged goods that cannot be stored overlapping.
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