Cantilever Racks (Unicant)

Cantilever system is suitable for storing any type of long goods that cannot be palletized.

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About Cantilever racking system (Unicant)

“Unicant” racks are best suited for storing materials of atypical lengths, such as wood, pipes, plastic and aluminum profiles, or materials of varying shapes such as furniture, fully covering their respective needs for functionality and safety.

The “single” racks are composed of modular components and are completely independent, no need for the system to be fixed to the walls, ceiling or columns of the warehouse. the height of the system reaches up to 8 meters and the designed arms can reach up to 2 meters.

The use of the closed H profile, combined with the application of industrial production techniques for “unicant” joints, offers a significant advantage in terms of amortizing the customer’s investment in his warehouse.

A system designed to maximize both the space available between levels and their load-bearing capacity without compromising safety.

Documentation (RO)

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The advantages of this shelving system

Perfect for items of different lengths that require clear and continuous loading levels.

Good range of available arm lengths and load-bearing capabilities to provide solutions for a wide variety of finished and semi-finished products


Variable load levels with 50 mm pitch

Self-supporting system that does not require attachment to walls or other fixed objects to ensure full load-bearing capacity

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