EUROFIT ushers in a new era of european logistics automation through exclusive strategic partnership between VOYATZOGLOU Group and ForwardX Robotics


JULY 2024 – ForwardX Robotics, Asia’s largest provider of Goods-To-Person (GTP) Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), has formalized an exclusive partnership with EUROFIT and VOYATZOGLOU for Romania and Greece. This strategic alliance marks a new era in the digital transformation and automation of warehouses in the region.

VOYATZOGLOU Group has been active since 1992 in equipping retail stores and Distribution Centers in both Greece and Central and Eastern Europe through its Romanian subsidiary, EUROFIT. The group is known for providing complete solutions for handling goods in modern warehouses, with extensive experience and technical know-how, essential conditions for supporting and promoting ForwardX Robotics innovative technological solutions.

“This partnership will not only accelerate the automation of the supply chain in Romania and Greece, but will set a new industry benchmark,” commented Nicolas Chee, CEO of ForwardX Robotics.

“ForwardX Robotics and the VOYATZOGLOU Group are poised to revolutionize the warehouse automation landscape by delivering reliable, robust, and cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses in Greece and Romania,” commented Nikos Voyatzoglou, President of the Group.

EUROFIT ushers in a new era of european logistics automation through exclusive strategic partnership between VOYATZOGLOU Group and ForwardX Robotics 4

ForwardX offers the most extensive range of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) globally. Their comprehensive portfolio includes solutions that cater to the full spectrum of distribution center needs, from small-scale operations such as case picking and piece picking, to pallet handling and vertical storage. This reflects ForwardX’s commitment to meeting the diverse requirements of both industrial manufacturing and various sectors including 3PL (Third-Party Logistics), e-Commerce, Retail, and Healthcare.

“This partnership is crucial for ForwardX Robotics’ 2024 Go Global strategy. Our goal is to provide our customers worldwide with superior and more efficient supply chain automation solutions, and this is achieved through exclusive partnerships with leading companies in their respective markets, such as the VOYATZOGLOU Group,” affirmed Nicholas Chee, CEO of ForwardX Robotics.

A few words about ForwardX Robotics:

ForwardX Robotics is a global leader in vision-based AMR technology, offering innovative integrated solutions for industrial manufacturing and warehousing. With advanced fleet management software and a wide range of AMRs, ForwardX Robotics helps companies achieve high efficiency in their supply chains, maximizing their return on investment. The company has over 250 employees from top universities and renowned multinational companies. Its 350 patents and award-winning research, such as the MHI 2024 Innovation Award, Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award, and Robotics Business Review RBR50 Innovation Award, are testaments to ForwardX Robotics’ continuous pursuit of innovation. ForwardX has installed over 3000 AMR solutions in over 220 logistics/production facilities across 5 continents. With offices in the US, Japan, Korea, and China, as well as partnerships worldwide, ForwardX is expanding and applying its proven solutions to empower the workforce of the future. For more information, visit

EUROFIT ushers in a new era of european logistics automation through exclusive strategic partnership between VOYATZOGLOU Group and ForwardX Robotics 5

A few words about VOYATZOGLOU Group:

VOYATZOGLOU Group is a Greek company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange with a presence in Greece and Romania through its subsidiary EUROFIT. It is a leader in providing integrated solutions for Retail, as well as Warehousing, Logistics, and Intralogistics (4.0 and 5.0) for small and large distribution centers in the supply chain.

VOYATZOGLOU Group’s vision is to offer a wide range of innovative and high-quality integrated solutions, where customers from every industry can continuously and satisfactorily meet all their product and solution needs from a responsible and reliable supplier.

In recent years, the company has dynamically evolved in the field of Automation and Robotics through collaborations in the Greek and international markets. The group has over 180 specialists in pre-sales, engineering, and logistics. For more information, visit

A few words about EUROFIT:

EUROFIT is a renowned company, part of the VOYATZOGLOU Group, with extensive expertise in storage solutions and logistics flow automation. It holds international quality standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and Coface – Excellent SME, and is a member of the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Greek-Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce. With over 25 years of experience in Romania, EUROFIT ensures that any equipment designed and implemented by them has a very long lifespan. The company also offers solutions for equipping any type of commercial space, as well as after-sales support through the EUROFIT SIGMA intelligent service system (Service – Installation – Warranty – Maintenance – After-sales Support).

To achieve the best possible results, the team consists of the most competent sales consultants, engineers, architects, and interior designers.

Through long-term partnerships with the largest manufacturers of intralogistics equipment, the company offers customized automation and equipment solutions for warehouses and commercial spaces, regardless of their complexity, according to customer requirements and for applications in various scenarios, with delivery from stock in the shortest possible time.

For more information, visit

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