EUROFIT: personalized experience in the implementation of intralogistics solutions

Mihai Moisan, interviu Eurofit Intermodal

Intermodal&Logistics Interview with Mihai Moișan, Sales Manager EUROFIT

With a history of over 24 years on the Romanian market, EUROFIT, a provider of intralogistics solutions, stands out through the implementation of projects in various industries and a portfolio of solutions and services tailored to meet the most diverse needs.

``With a unique team and a strong network of partners, we are ready to tackle future challenges and continue to excel in our industry.``

Mihai Moișan, EUROFIT Sales Manager, is proud to highlight, in the interview for Intermodal&Logistics, the unique team and strong network of partners that have led the company to success. He also discusses industry trends, the evolution of EUROFIT’s business and, most importantly, our values centered on customer needs and satisfaction.

The interview thus delves into the evolution of warehouse automation trends in 2023. Mihai Moișan highlights EUROFIT’s automation solutions in this regard, classifying them into two categories: Goods-to-Person solutions, which focus on delivering goods to operators or employees, eliminating the need for them to move through the warehouse, and palletised goods solutions, which focus on automating the storage and handling of goods arranged on pallets, ensuring more efficient and accurate inventory management.

``We don't sell what we have, we sell what the customer needs.``

EUROFIT’s flexible approach to market needs has led to progress and success. Our commitment to meeting the specific needs of each customer is central to the company’s achievements. Faced with various challenges such as inflation, declining consumption and the current economic climate, EUROFIT’s stability and success has only been possible through consistent communication, transparency and honesty, values that are reflected in every aspect of our business. Our customer-oriented philosophy goes beyond sales and this is demonstrated by the EUROFIT SIGMA (Service-Installation-Guarantee-Maintenance-After-sales) system.

``SIGMA is our way of saying ``We're here after we sell!``

This intelligent digital-based maintenance system is specifically built by our IT experts to meet the high demands of our customers to maximize the availability of EUROFIT supplied devices and systems and minimize their downtime.

``For 60 years our group has been providing solutions internationally and for 24 years in Romania, continuing to grow and succeeding in bringing some of the biggest global brands to the Romanian market through our portfolio. ``

Thus, thanks to our constant interest in the well-being of our customers, thanks to our values, but also to our desire for self-improvement and continuous development, we have managed over time to turn your wishes into reality and to excel in everything we do.

To learn more about EUROFIT’s journey and prospects, we invite you to read the full interview in Intermodal&Logistics magazine, available here.