Eurofit Interview – leader in the field of warehouse equipment

GM Spiros Mallioglou 1

Eurofit offers integrated and reliable solutions for equipping stores and warehouses. The company is a leader in the field of warehouse equipment, responding to the needs of companies to create storage spaces equipped with different shelving systems. To achieve the best possible result, the Eurofit team consists of the best sales consultants, engineers, architects and interior designers. We talked about the current pulse of the market and the company’s evolution with Mr. Spiros Mallioglou, GM at Eurofit, in an interview that we invite you to discover below:

To begin with, we invite you to tell us how the evolution of the field in which you are active is seen in the context of the pandemic?

Spiros Mallioglou: This difficult period of the pandemic, fortunately for us, did not have a negative effect. We have managed to maintain positive development in all categories in which we operate – we have had success starting from simple projects to complex projects such as automation. Our field suffered a shock for more than a year, but now the situation is gradually returning to normal. Now we feel other collateral effects of the pandemic, a very important one is the increase in the price of raw materials, a situation that we will have to manage with great caution.

How was the first half of 2020 felt and what impact did the measures taken at that time have on the activity of the company you represent?

SM: For us, every difficulty is always a challenge. This is one of the principles by which we are guided. The measures we adopted were even stricter than those imposed, as a result, all Eurofit employees who were infected contacted the disease from the outside and did not spread it within the collective. This is thanks to a prevention model implemented by the medical team of the parent company in Greece together with the one in Romania. I followed the situation with great attention and discipline, and I was successful.

What types of customers are in your portfolio and which market segment are the solutions you propose addressed to?

SM: Our portfolio is very diversified – we have clients from law firms and notary offices that want to organize their archive, to banking, private and state institutions, clients from the food industry and non-food, DIY chains, DC, storage, etc.

Globally, recently an alarm signal has been sounded regarding the increase in prices in the field of construction. Is this growth also felt in the market segment in which you operate?

SM: Yes, and in our field of activity, prices have suffered a significant increase, mainly caused by the increase in the price of iron, the raw material of the products we sell.

That’s why we work with our partners to avoid unexplained spikes. We constantly keep our clients informed and do our best to complete all their projects.

From your experience, what would be the top 3 most common myths in your field of activity?

SM: One of the most common myths would be: GOOD – CHEAP – FAST, every time, which is what our competition promises. The customer wants 3 qualities of the product: to be cheap, to be available immediately and to be good. Our solutions help the customer by being honest. Of the 3 services, we can only offer two out of three, every time, and that ensures our recognition and loyalty to our customers because we give them the opportunity to choose.

What could be the main problems a customer could face and how could they prevent them?

SM: One of the common problems would be the recognition and promotion of quality. There have always been and always will be suppliers of questionable quality products and services, suppliers whose motto is “cheaper, better”. The client must be attentive, and if he is not active in the same field, a specialist will help him understand and assess the situation correctly.

What can we expect in 2021 from the company you represent?

SM: We made a positive jump in 2020 compared to 2019. Now, due to the global situation generated by the health crisis, we expect a small decrease in 2021, so that later we enter an upward curve. In 2021-2022, we are promoting revolutionary solutions in the market: automation and robotics for the logistics, picking, e-shop and distribution center fields that allow customers to increase productivity and eliminate human mistakes, which can be a cause of the destruction of interpersonal relationships.

What does a top 3 asset look like that sets you apart from your direct competition?

SM: 1. Seriousness (for 22 years, we deliver what we promise, every time the same);

2. Deliveries from stock (75% of our deliveries are from stock);

3. Superior quality and after sales service (S.I.G.M.A.Service – Installation – Guarantee – Mentenance – After Sale Service, we take care of our customers even after the sale is over).

Finally, we invite you to reveal 2 behind-the-scenes secrets of the field that you wish someone had told you since the beginning of your career.

SM: It is no secret, but I quickly discovered from the mentors who helped and guided me in this adventure, an adventure that this year turns 42 (22 years on the Romanian market and 20 years on the Greek market). To be precise, the two secrets that I wish I had known 42 years ago, but which I discovered with the accumulation of experience, are actually two teachings:

1. We learn from our mistakes, but it is best when we learn from the mistakes of others and thus gain time.

2. Speed ​​of reaction – we are constantly attentive to the needs of our customers, analyze the messages we receive and offer quick solutions.

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