EUROFIT at Poli AutoFEST 2023

Poli AutoFEST 2023

We are so happy to see young people who are passionate and eager to learn as much as possible, and at the same time be an inspiration to others on their way – this joy we felt in the month May of 2023, when I participated, together with the Faculty of Transport of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, at the POLI AutoFEST festival.

An event dedicated to automobiles, transport and logistics, now in its 2nd edition, POLI AutoFEST impressed with the fascinating automotive universe and gave us a great opportunity to present the newest and most sophisticated concepts, initiatives and solutions. We thus noticed a major interest among young people. In this sense, the EUROFIT team presented innovative solutions in the field of automation and equipment for warehouses and commercial spaces.

The ACR (Autonomous Case-handling Robot) system represented the central attraction of our exhibition. The autonomous goods handling robot attracted great interest from visitors, especially thanks to the LIVE demonstrations and expertise provided by EUROFIT specialists, who provided all the necessary information to those interested. We have also introduced pallet storage solutions, such as Pallet Flow System, a system that uses gravity racks to ensure efficient pallet handling, ensuring smooth workflows and simplified warehouse management.

Warehousing is a major component in the logistics chain and we like to think that we have successfully taken over this part of automation and digitization.

“We are in front of a solution that makes the transition between the present and the future” – Conf. Prof. Dr. Eng. Oana Dinu

EUROFIT - Poli AutoFEST 2023

Furthermore, the solutions we presented are being studied by the students of the Faculty of Transport from a theoretical point of view, and now “(…)they had the opportunity to see them in action”. – Conf. Prof. Dr. Eng. Ștefan Burciu

EUROFIT - Poli AutoFEST 2023

We are extremely proud and happy that we can contribute through our work, together with the teaching staff, to the development and training of the future generation. Our participation at POLI AutoFEST is a success and a commitment to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in the automotive industry and related technologies. We strongly believe in the motto we convey: “Success is never a matter of luck, it is the result of consistent work.” Our consistency is thus represented by continuous evolution and by offering advanced solutions that meet all the needs and requirements of our customers.

We would like to thank the organizers and everyone present at our stand. We also hope that they were delighted with all the solutions presented, and we look forward to the 3rd edition of POLI AutoFEST!