Ensuring safety and efficiency: the importance of warehouse protection

warehouse protection

A safe warehouse is a productive warehouse

The warehouse, within the supply chain, is like the heart inside the body – an essential element responsible for the needs of the whole company. Yet its own needs to function properly and safely are often ignored.

For many people, accidental injury seems inconceivable until the moment of incident, and workplace safety can be interpreted as a waste of time and resources that are often spent on improving productivity. Warehouses, in particular, are workplaces where speed and efficiency are crucial – completely true, we agree. But doesn’t job safety make operations even more efficient? When employees work in a safe environment, they can focus on their work without worrying about possible accidents. This makes work faster and more efficient, improving productivity and performance.

Potential hazards to which employees in a warehouse are exposed can be easily identified and, by implementing the necessary safety measures, accidents can be prevented. We know how difficult it is to operate warehouses and create a completely safe space for your employees. That’s why, based on our experience, we’re here to lend you a helping hand by providing solutions that help manage these risks.

  • Pedestrian Barriers: One of the main safety concerns among warehouses is providing people with safety from the countless vehicles in use. EUROFIT offers you high-quality pedestrian barriers that ensure a clear separation in high-traffic areas and prevent accidents. This shock absorbing guardrail system is manufactured from a combination of high quality materials designed to flex and absorb impacts safely, keeping people and your facility safe. In areas where additional protection would be needed, such as dangerous equipment or machinery, we come to your aid with pedestrian barriers with additional ground barrier. This comprehensive security system creates a strong visual and physical barrier and provides an additional level of security by preventing unauthorized access and reinforcing restricted areas.
  • Ground Barriers: Designed with a combination of shock-absorbing materials to absorb impact, our floor barrier system keeps your walkways, walls and facility free of damage. We offer you a complete range of ground barriers that effectively control traffic flow, secure restricted areas and minimize the risk of accidents and break-ins, essential to protect sensitive areas and prevent unwanted vehicle access.
  • Topple barriers: To protect valuable inventory and minimize the risk of accidents due to collapsing shelves, we propose our anti-tip railings. These barriers are specifically designed to prevent injuries from tipping over the shelving system and to ensure a safe working environment. While flexible polymer lower rails absorb impact energy in safety, and upper rails prevent goods from falling, this protection system is designed to keep your people safe.
  • Column Guards: Collisions with rack posts or other structural components can cause serious injury or damage to your warehouse infrastructure. EUROFIT offers durable spine protectors that work like an airbag, providing robust protection against accidental impacts. With a unique design that allows them to expand and compress to fit columns of any size, our column protectors effectively reduce the risk of workplace accidents.
  • Rack Guards: Our shock absorbing rack guards are designed to prevent accidental collisions and protect your rack posts from damaging impacts from various equipment. These guards form a protective barrier around the shelf, reducing the risk of damage and injury. The slim, half-round design mounts to the concrete floor so the impact is not projected into the racks – the shock absorber dissipates the impact energy, keeping floors intact and operators safe.
  • High-Strength Bollard: Bollards play an important role in avoiding vehicle collisions and securing entry points, so we’re introducing our heavy duty bollards that act as physical barriers to protect personnel, equipment and structures from potential accidents. The steel core of the poles, combined with industrial elastomers, deflects to absorb the impact without causing you, your operators, to suffer.
  • Protective fence: These fences are used to secure work areas and prevent unauthorized access. Our guardrail systems can be combined in various ways to suit your logistics and goods and material handling needs.
  • Line marking system: A well-marked floor is essential to prevent accidents in the warehouse. That’s why we present some must-have solutions, such as our high-performance floor marking system. In addition, in our catalog we have a wide range of visible and durable markings, warning signs and indicators, to guide and inform people about potential hazards and safety rules.
  • Anti-slip protection: Preventing slips and falls is crucial in ensuring safety in warehouses. We provide you with anti-slip protection solutions, including treated surfaces, anti-draping materials and other innovative technologies that improve grip and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Chemical protection: Especially for warehouses handling hazardous chemicals, there are high-quality polyethylene pallet tubs and drums. With an extremely high chemical resistance, our tubs and drums are very efficient and can be placed directly on the floor without worrying about the risks of potential leaks. You can also opt to use a steel grill – whatever your preference, the different sizes and versions available offer you the right solution for almost any situation.
  • Anti-fall protection net: Depending on your need, we have a wide range of fall protection nets.
    • Our anti-fall protection netting for shelves, used to prevent boxes or pallets from accidentally falling from shelves.
    • Anti-fall net for the protection of conveyor systems, such as shuttles or conveyor mechanism.
    • Anti-fall net for delimiting storage areas

These nets can also be mounted in order to delimit passageways, but also between the building’s support columns, regardless of the geometry of the structure. Our anti-fall netting provides protection against falling objects and creates a secure barrier to prevent incidents inside the warehouse.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to return home healthy and safe

Warehouse security is an important aspect of any successful business and we, at EUROFIT, recognize the importance of creating a secure environment. By offering you a comprehensive range of innovative solutions, as well as our expertise and commitment to warehouse safety, we hope we can ensure the safety of your employees, the protection of your valuables and the prevention of accidents.