Efficiency at -0°: Introducing the High Density 3D Shuttle system for cold storage

High Density 3D Shuttle

In the age of technology and continuous innovation, automation has become the core of many industries, with automated systems precisely controlling the flow of products and performing sorting, storage and shipping operations faster and more efficiently than manual operations. This reduces operating costs, increases productivity and improves customer satisfaction by delivering the required products quickly and accurately.

Cold storages, in particular, increasingly rely on automated systems to perform tasks efficiently and accurately. Cold storage automation involves the use of computer-controlled systems and devices such as robots, storage and sorting systems, conveyor systems or augmented systems to manage and optimise operations. By harnessing the power of automation, cold storages benefit from increased efficiency, unprecedented accuracy in manual operations and a new level of adaptability to any changing market needs.

The Intelligent High Density 3D Shuttle System is our state-of-the-art solution

in both conventional and refrigerated warehouses, with equipment specially adapted to the special conditions of your warehouse.
High Density 3D Shuttle
  • Dense storage;
  • Buffering and sorting;
  • Transport management;
  • Buffer on the production line.
High Density 3D Shuttle
  • Normal (-10~40°C);
  • Refrigeration (5~-5°C);
  • Freezing (-18~-25°C).

Combining a robotic platform and intelligent software with AI algorithms, intelligent 3D Pallet Shuttle systems organize and streamline the warehouse, impressing with high density low temperature storage, flexibility and scalability.


  • Maximum storage density: This system ensures optimal use of storage space, and the patented picking tunnel allows our customers to maximize the vertical space in their warehouse.
  • Low and safe handling: With seamless integration of storage areas, storage structures and management software, the health and safety of our employees is our top priority. The system minimizes the need for manual pallet handling and ensures safe pallet handling.
  • Reduced personnel: This system reduces reliance on manual labour.
  • Time efficiency
  • Overall scalability: Additional shuttles and racks can easily be added to the system for greater scalability.
  • Reduced energy consumption: Operates without counterweights or complex warehouse lighting, which helps reduce energy consumption.
  • Turnkey solution: Can be seamlessly integrated into existing warehouses and provides a complete solution.
  • Process optimisation: The system optimises the storage process. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems and processing lines to accept pallets without manual intervention.
  • Zero risk of rack damage: The interconnected rack structure increases stability and safety during storage.
  • Mobility: This system does not require a perfectly level floor and allows multi-level storage.
  • Long-term investment: With a lifespan of over 20 years, this system offers long-term value.


  • Intelligent High Density 3D Shuttle;
  • Vertical lift;
  • Rack system;
  • Conveyor;
  • Software with AI;
  • Remote control with HMI interface;
  • Loading station.


  • Lifting capacity: 1500kg;
  • 80/100ah lithium battery;
  • PMAC electric drive;
  • Hydraulic lift (food grade oil);
  • Wifi communication;
  • Travel speed of 1.2 m per second;
  • Control computer;
  • Wireless.
High Density 3D Shuttle
High Density 3D Shuttle
High Density 3D Shuttle

Cold store automation is a key step in the evolution of the food industry and supply chain. The advanced features of the 3D Shuttle system enable warehouses to improve operational efficiency, productivity and safety, and the flexibility and scalability of the system ensures it is adaptable to changing market requirements, making it your ideal choice for optimising cold storage processes.