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Information provided by Laura Tene, sales manager commercial spaces EUROFIT

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In today’s competitive business environment, creating attractive and functional commercial spaces is critical to your success. EUROFIT is a leading provider of commercial space solutions, from interior design to furniture, equipment or various systems, offering a comprehensive and efficient service. Thanks to the right combination of functionality, customisation and optimisation, EUROFIT is able to offer solutions that meet the highest European standards and fit every budget and timeframe.

“To achieve commercial success, entrepreneurs pay attention to how they build their stores, and this is where we at EUROFIT step in with our expertise to ensure that each store has its own distinct style and design. We pride ourselves on having over 25 years of industry experience in providing complete and reliable solutions for fitting out commercial premises and warehouses.”

Our team of architects, designers and project managers provide bespoke solutions tailored to each client’s unique requirements – whether it’s a store refurbishment or the establishment of a new retail space.

What does the design process involve?

“Behind every project is a unique idea, a special concept, and behind every idea is a team of experts who bring innovation to every project. This is the concept of our department. We start by turning your dreams into reality.
We work with you to create an interior design that fits your preferences, needs and budget, guiding your project transparently to your desired outcome.”
Because we know that every commercial space is unique and requires an individual approach, our team considers every key aspect of each project, such as functionality, aesthetics and brand identity. Starting from the creation of the design to the complete assembly of the ideas, we ensure that all aspects of the commercial spaces are considered and a harmonious and efficient design is created, ensuring a seamless implementation.


A project manager oversees every detail of the commercial space design process, from concept to completion. At EUROFIT, collaboration is central to our design philosophy. We effectively coordinate activities between architects, designers, contractors and suppliers to ensure projects run smoothly and on time. Furthermore, our team is actively involved in client relations and encourages them to share their visions, goals and preferences. By understanding the client’s requirements and objectives, EUROFIT is able to develop creative and functional proposals according to the client’s vision.

“It is very important to us that each client is treated exclusively. “

Throughout the process, the client has the opportunity to provide input and make informed decisions to ensure the design solution meets their expectations. Working with a team of experienced architects and designers, we are able to combine technical knowledge and artistic flair to create functional and appealing commercial spaces. We always keep abreast of the latest design trends to ensure our solutions are contemporary and influential. EUROFIT designers have a deep understanding of space planning, lighting, colour schemes and materials, enabling them to create spaces that captivate customers and enhance the overall brand experience.

3D Presentation

The advanced technology that 3D software provides us with facilitates communication between us and our customers. State-of-the-art design software allows clients to visualize proposed designs and get a realistic idea of what their desired space will look like. 3D rendering is a valuable and indispensable tool between us and our clients, allowing them to make confident decisions, give us feedback and ensure that our designs meet their expectations even before implementation.

“A well-designed 3D presentation can also be a crucial marketing piece for the collaboration between our company and our clients. By previewing the project, the client can enjoy the project. This leads to a positive reception of the completed project. Therefore, 3D architectural models are very important for any project. “

Complete assembly

Based on the 3D presentation, our team takes full responsibility for the assembly and execution of your project. We maintain constant control over the process, ensuring that projects run smoothly, on time and are executed to each client’s specifications.

“What sets us apart from our competitors and has always been the key to our success are: reliability, in-stock delivery and the highest quality products we offer. “

The EUROFIT team offers a comprehensive range of services covering the entire lifecycle of commercial interior design projects – from carefully planning the design and providing a detailed 3D presentation to the client, allowing the client to visualise and understand the proposed design, to bringing the project to reality. With an experienced team overseeing the entire installation, EUROFIT ensures that projects are executed efficiently, deadlines are met and quality results are achieved. By designing turnkey commercial premises, we demonstrate on a daily basis our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our clients, while meeting the highest European standards in commercial space design.