Choosing the right racking system: a Eurofit guide to selecting the ideal solution

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In a busy world where people are constantly on the move, finding the ideal solution for efficient storage becomes a major challenge. Efficient storage and proper organisation of space are essential, no matter what industry you are in. Choosing the right shelving system can make a big difference by reducing the time it takes to find and handle items and maximising the space available.

The first essential step in determining the right shelving system is to understand your specific storage needs – every need is different and has its own characteristics. Selection is made according to the type, weight, peculiarities and characteristics of the goods to be stored.

Factors to consider:
  • An ideal shelving system must fit perfectly with the available space. Make a detailed evaluation of the space you have available (special conditions, dimensions, etc.) and use it as efficiently as possible.
  • Make sure the shelf you choose can support the weight of the items you are storing. At Eurofit you can rely on the strength and durability of our products.
  • Consider the operability of the equipment used – the width of the aisles often depends on the characteristics of the equipment used.
  • Flexibility is an important factor as storage needs change over time. So choosing a shelving system that can adapt is important.

Eurofit solutions

From standard storage systems to complex storage solutions, you'll find a variety of options to meet your specific needs
  • The Unirack shelving system is a high-performance shelving system designed to meet the demands of lightweight storage. Key features include CE certified structural components, full integration with accessories and a versatile construction for storing hand-loaded goods. It is a storage solution for the simplest needs, offering fast assembly, stability, low cost and optimum capacity, and is designed for multi-level racking and even mezzanine construction.
  • For storage of medium and heavy loads, the SUPERBO system is the right choice. Pallet racks provide a robust storage solution for rough loads that is compatible with traditional and Drive In systems. For certified high-strength steel components, quick and easy assembly with standardised fittings, and a wide range of loading options, the SUPERBO system is the perfect choice for your business.
  • Unicant shelves are designed for storing long items. With its adjustable arms and modular design, this system makes the most of the available space and allows efficient and organized storage of long profiles. Unicant shelves are ideal for storing materials of irregular lengths, such as wood, pipes, plastics or aluminum, perfectly meeting their functional and safety needs.
  • Gravity Flow Warehousing: Pallet Flow and Carton Flow systems use gravity to facilitate material handling and order processing. Pallet Flow is ideal for pallet storage, offering FIFO (First In First Out) or LIFO (Last In Last Out) options, while Carton Flow optimises the picking process for packaged goods.
    • Pallet Flow: Gravity pallet systems offer many advantages and an efficient solution for the effective storage and management of palletised stock.
      • FIFO : In this system, pallets are placed on one side of a conveyor bed and gravity causes them to move naturally to the picking area. This warehouse management approach allows inventory to be organised on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis and ensures proper turnover of goods.
      • LIFO: The LIFO system uses a forklift to load and unload pallets onto the rack lift area. During loading, pallets are pushed back onto the rollers by the forklift and when unloaded, the next pallet automatically takes its place, ensuring that goods are always available (buffer).
    • Carton Flow: Gravity systems optimize picking activity in warehouses, with boxes sitting on inclined beds with rollers “flowing” towards the front of the shelf. They ensure picking at the front of the shelf and replenishment at the back, operating on the FIFO system, thus providing automatic stock rotation. Dense storage saves space, and compartmentalization for loading and unloading allows for quick handling of goods in the warehouse. The gravity rack system provides large capacity for deep storage.
  • Drive-In racks are LIFO type racking, providing narrow aisle storage lanes for pallets running perpendicular to the aisles. Eliminating extra aisles increases storage density. For the right application, a Drive-In system is a cost-effective, high-density system where you have a low SKU count and selectivity is less important. High-density Drive-In systems are ideal for LIFO storage applications that have products that are not particularly time-sensitive (non-perishable).
  • For multi-level storage (G+2), mezzanine racks is a versatile and efficient solution. Mezzanines are modular structures that can be adapted to the most diverse requirements and are designed to double the storage capacity of a hall. Mezzanine structures can be built with up to 2 levels and can be equipped with a multitude of accessories. The mezzanine system is very compact and easy to reposition and, with a load capacity of up to 300 kg/m2, it is the ideal space optimizer in areas with high ceilings;
  • The mezzanine platform is the fastest, cheapest and most sustainable way to create more storage space in your warehouse. Thanks to the flexible construction system, we can offer you customized solutions for any industry, with platforms that reach up to 4 levels and can be easily combined with racking systems (mezzanine type) and transport systems. The mezzanine platform is a self-contained system consisting of: steel structure, column, floor (wood or metal), handrail, access stairs, column protection and transfer station. Assembly is quick, thanks to connectors and threaded joints, without the need for welding, and can even be integrated with automation systems (e.g. conveyor).
  • Mobile racks: This is one of the most effective space-saving solutions. By eliminating aisles between shelves and maximising available space, it automatically solves storage problems. The compact design allows easy adjustment and handling of heavy items, and operation can be done both manually and automatically to streamline your activities. Ideal for archives and pallets.
  • Also for space optimization you can opt for VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) racks, specifically designed for fast handling in warehouses with limited space. They feature narrow aisle width for maximum storage density and offer high adaptability and easy customisation to different needs.
  • Stainless steel racking provides the right answer to hygiene and corrosion resistance needs in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and is therefore suitable for use in cold rooms, industrial kitchens and pharmaceutical laboratories.
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  • Pallet racking for cold storage is your high-performance solution for storing heavy and bulky materials in special conditions. These racks are easy to install and reposition for excellent space utilisation and can withstand temperatures down to -28°C. For more solutions in making your cold storage more efficient, we invite you to view our article:
Cold storage solutions

Choosing the right shelving system can turn your storage space into an oasis of order and efficiency. With our guide and our diverse range of metal shelving, you can meet all your storage requirements with ease and confidence. Don’t hesitate to explore the options offered by Eurofit and transform the way you organise your space. With us, order will become a reliable partner in every area of your life.